Who Is

Eastern Roof Technologies?

We’re proud to say we’re among the highest-rated roofing contractors in Mooresville and we accredit that to our A+ BBB rating and our exceptional craftsmanship. Our company is founded and operated by locals with over 30 years of experience. All our team members take immense pride in their work—and it shows. Our craftsmanship and quality of work are unsurpassable, and we know you’ll be blown away. As your roofing contractor in Mooresville, NC, we offer both roofing and gutter services. Our roofing services include full replacements and repairs. Alternatively, we can replace, repair, and protect your gutters.
Eastern Roof Technologies is your roofing contractor in Mooresville, NC. In fact, we’re owned and operated right here in the heart of Mooresville. While we love our hometown, we especially love serving our friends, families, and neighbors throughout Mooresville. Because our company is actually local, we have the wonderful opportunity to develop trust and relationships with the residents of Mooresville.

Why We Love


Just like you, Mooresville, NC, is our hometown, and we would imagine you want your community to be the best it can be, right? While many different factors make a community great, we believe our neighbors’ homes deserve excellent roofs and gutters. Moreover, everybody wants to live in a community with homeowners who take care of their homes. Two things people recognize about the homes in their neighborhood are the landscaping and the roof. We can’t help you with your landscaping, but we can take care of your roof with our exceptional workmanship. It just so happens that your roof is also one of the first things potential homebuyers notice during a home’s curb appeal. While we don’t want to see people leave Mooresville, we want anyone that comes into Mooresville to have a positive hometown experience.

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