Roof & Gutter Replacement & Repair Services

Roof & Gutter Replacement & Repair Services

Roof Replacement

Installing a quality roof is important to maintaining your home's value.  Providing the best products and quality workmanship from a certified installation crew guarantees you a finished product we are happy to stand behind. Quality is as important to us as it is to our customers and how we treat our customers is even more important. We will be punctual and professional in all steps of the process.  We will be the roofing contractor you can count on.

A roof replacement is one of the most significant investments you will make in your home. With that being said, choosing a quality and trustworthy roofing contractor is essential. We install your roof with our crew of certified installers and use roofing shingles from several of the top shingle manufacturers, such as; CertainTeed, GAF, Owens Corning and IKO, to name a few

Roof Repair

This may be strange to hear from a roofing contractor but, NOT all roofs need to be replaced.  Our team of roofing experts has the knowledge to help you even when a replacement is not required.  Our goal is to help you understand how your roof ages and what you can do to maximize your roof's lifespan.

Multi-point inspections will make you aware of weaknesses that may require roof leak repair or roof maintenance repairs, so you can be informed and prepared for these potential expenses. Roof repairs can be tricky. It's difficult to match shingle colors and brands. We do our best and our partnership with Beacon Roofing Supply gives us access to all shingle brands.

Gutter Guard

Make gutter cleaning every fall a thing of the past and enjoy your time outside.  Gutter protection not alone minimizes the need for annual gutter cleaning it also increases the lifespan of your roof and fascia by preventing the build-up of debris inside your gutters.  Eastern Roof Technologies installs two types of gutter guard systems.  We offer a gutter helmet system like Leafree, as well as, the best gutter screen in the industry.  Our reps are knowledgeable to advise on which system would be best for you.

Gutter Replacement / Installation

A gutter system is very important to the overall maintenance of your home.  Gutters carry water off the roof and away from the foundation.  Having the proper size gutter systems is imperative for proper function.  We offer both standard size gutters with 5" gutter and 2"x3" downspouts, as well as, oversized gutters with 6" gutters and 3"x4" downspouts.  All of our gutter systems are seamless gutters with custom mitered corners.  This type of construction reduces leaks and looks top-notch. 

We also offer half-round gutters with round downspouts, which provide a more upscale look.

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