How to Prepare Your Roof for Winter

How to Prepare Your Roof for Winter


Fall and Winter are known as the time where we prep our homes for the holiday season, family time and lots of gifts, but you should also be preparing your home for the cold. Between now and the possible snow that we could get later in the winter there are a few steps that you can take now to ensure your home is prepared.


Clear Your Roof of Debris


It’s important to make sure that leaves, tree limbs and any other form of debris like pine needles are removed from the surface area of your roof. Even little amounts of debris can hold moisture and break down your roofing material. Moisture on your roof can cause mold or plywood to rot. As a part of our roof inspection and repair services, an eastern roof technologies associate will treat your roof for algae which can be caused by moisture and sunlight.


Check for Damages


Although we recommend you hire a professional to climb your roof and properly check for damages that cannot be seen from the ground up, there is a way for you to do it routinely until you can get someone out to you. Make sure your roof is clean and scan it with binoculars or if you’re comfortable climb on top to get a better view. You will be looking for missing, cracked, curled, and frayed shingles.  


Clean the Gutters


When debris gets stuck in your gutter system, over time, it will clog up your spots and cause damage to your roof whenever water overflows. Debris also adds weight to your gutters which can make your gutter system break away from your home, siding, and trim. To prevent these issues from happening and causing unexpected costs in the long term, keep an eye on your gutters. Best tip is once your trees are completely bare go ahead and do a thorough gutter cleaning. Go one step further to maintain gutter protection by getting screens or guards installed to prevent debris build up.


These are just a few steps that you can take to make sure your roof is ready for Fall and Winter. If you’ve completed these items and believe you have damage, give us a call at 704.663.7521

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