Do You Need Gutter Guards?

As recent spring showers wash away and the summer heat kicks in it’s a good idea to take a closer look at what has flowed into your gutters. Heavy downpours result in debris such as leaves and pine needles piling up in your gutters which prevents your gutters from properly operating. Luckily Eastern Roof Technologies offers a solution, gutter guards. Depending on the style of your home and the surrounding greenery ERT can help you find the perfect gutter guard to fit your needs. Gutter guards offer many benefits to prolong the value of your home. Not only do gutter guards offer protection from clogged gutters, but they prevent fires, rusting, and freezing during the winter months.

A clouded gutter is more dangerous than one might think. Without gutter guards wet debris sticks in your gutters and causes rust that deteriorates the trough. This wet debri freezes in the winter and results in buildup that leaks into your home. Debri also traps pools of water that provide great breeding grounds in the summer months for mosquitos and other insects inside your gutters.

There are several types of gutter protection.  The basics are drop-in gutter screen, screw-on gutter screens and gutter helmet products.  We always recommend a metal screw-on protection system. Plastic will deteriorate in the sun after 2-3 years and require replacement.  Gutter screens are recommended for steep slope roofs, they tend to slow down the running water and allow it to flow into the gutters easily.  Gutter helmets are recommended in lower slope roof situations that also have lots of pine needles (pine needles can stick into the screens). Either product is a time and money saver when you think about gutter cleaning.  

Eastern Roof Technologies also offers gutter repairs and gutter replacements along with our gutter protection options. For more information about gutter guards or if you need us to take a look at your gutters please call 704-663-7521. We would be happy for the opportunity to serve you.

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