10 Ways to Winterize Your Home

So we know you’ve heard this a ton but what’s one more time right? These 11 tips cannot be stressed enough because often times, as homeowners get closer to the holidays, preparing their home for the cold weather, is the last thing on your mind. While preparing guest lists, Christmas shopping, and setting up decorations is all fun and important, this is too! These cost-effective tips for winterizing your home will help you keep the cold out, the heat in, and most importantly your energy bill down.


  1. Clean Your Gutters
  2. Flush Water Heater
  3. Set Ceiling Fans to Clockwise
  4. Replace Filters
  5. Add Window Insulation Film
  6. Add Draft Guards to Doors
  7. Add Weatherstrip Tape to Windows and Doors
  8. Caulk Gaps in Windows, Siding, and Doors
  9. Prep Plumbing (by draining water from outside pipes and hoses)
  10. Clean and Inspect Chimney


Securing your home against winter is always a major consideration no matter where you live.  It makes sense to protect your investment for the upcoming season and be comfortable. The 8 tips that we mentioned above will all cost approximately $100 or less. There are many things on this list that can be completed at minimal cost without a professional but to be safe consider a professional for the gutter cleaning, caulking, and the chimney inspection.


These are just a few key items on a very long list to prepare your home for winter. Before you know it, you’ll be sitting in the sun again enjoying the warm weather. Time is surely flying by us this year and we look forward to what 2018 has in store!


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